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Mouse problems? Here’s why.


Mouse infestations explained:

  • Have you heard scratching or quiet squeaks from behind your walls at night?
  • Have you found droppings on the floor in corners or in your cabinets?
  • Have you noticed that some of your food containers look like they have been chewed?
  • If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a mouse infestation.
  • You are probably asking yourself… Why? How?

As you can see here, mice live surprisingly interesting lives. 


During the change of seasons, the rodents are seeking shelter from extreme weather conditions as well as a nesting place for their young. Mice can make their nests from any soft items like shredded paper, insulation, or clothing. Rodent problems are most common in the fall when the temperature drops and they are looking for a home and heat from the harsh winter temperatures.


Many areas of your home can provide just enough heat to help a rodent survive the winter. This can be as discreet as creating a nest inside the cavities between your walls, under your floorboards, near to your hot water tank or even up in your attic.

Food and Water

Rodents see your home as a source of food and water.  Many people know that cheese and peanut butter appeal to mice, but they also enjoy cereal, grains, and plants.  They receive all the water they need from the food they ingest and do not need to find water. For rats, they do require water outside of the food source so they are more likely to be searching out vegetables and other items like bread from your trash.


The final reason mice are heading into your home is for survival.  They are hiding from predators such as hawks, bobcats, coyotes or any type of bird. In the winter months, food is scarce for these animals and they are searching for rodents.

If you suspect you already have some small furry visitors in your home, contact the pest control experts with over 50 years of serving clients in the Boston area, Clancy Brothers Pest Control! They will help you identify the areas where the rodents entered your home and will be able to eliminate the problem.

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