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Stop the Clutter: 5 Weekend Projects to Get Your Stuff Under Control


You don’t need to read decluttering books, rent a storage unit, or throw away everything you own either. With these five easy weekend projects, you can get your household clutter under control once and for all.

Add Storage (without remodeling!)

Sometimes what looks like a clutter problem is really a storage problem. If everything in your home is stuff you actually need, look for ways to add storage. Instead of splurging on home renovations, get creative with the space you already have. If you’re short on bedroom storage, add under-bed storage drawers for off-season clothes and a decorative trunk for spare bedding. In the kitchen, free up cabinet space with a hanging rack for pots and pans and a spice rack that slides between the refrigerator and counter. No matter where your clutter lives, you can find a storage hack that works.

Deal With The Junk Drawer

Whether a single drawer or an entire room, every home has a junk spot. You know the space: It’s where you put things when they have nowhere else to go or when you tell yourself you’ll deal with it later.

If you’re lucky, you only have one clutter hotspot. If you have multiple, split this task into several weekends and organize one space at a time. The key is to identify the most common types of clutter that end up in your junk space and give those items an assigned home.

Downsize Your Media Collection

Do you have shelves spilling over with books, DVDs, and video games that rarely get used? Set aside an afternoon to go through your media. Toss out anything that’s damaged beyond repair and donate media that your family has outgrown to the thrift store. To cut back on media clutter in the future, borrow books and movies from the public library and when you buy, opt for digital versions over physical copies.

Clean Out The Medicine Cabinet

If you’re like most people, your bathroom’s cabinets are stuffed with expired medications, abandoned beauty products, and nearly-empty cleaning supplies. As long as everything fits, cluttered bathroom storage isn’t a big deal — not until you need to find something specific and have to dig through piles of junk, that is.

Deal with bathroom clutter by emptying out cabinets and removing everything that’s outdated or unneeded, taking care to properly dispose of prescription medications. You can combine cleaning products if you have multiples of the same product, but avoid mixing different products because it could create a dangerous chemical reaction.

Start A Scrapbook

Sentimental clutter is the hardest to part with. Even if they’ve sat in a box since the day you brought them home, you can’t help but feel guilty throwing away gifts, greeting cards, and other sentimental items.

There’s a better way to honor memories than holding onto clutter. Instead of stuffing cards, ticket stubs, and photos into shoeboxes, compile them into a scrapbook that preserves the memories minus the clutter. You can even take pictures of large items and keep the photo to remember gifts without storing the physical items.

These five projects might seem like a drop in the bucket of your home’s clutter problem. However, it’s important to remember that you didn’t accumulate all of your clutter overnight, and you can’t expect to eliminate it overnight either! By breaking decluttering down into manageable projects like these, you can gradually gain control over your home’s clutter and achieve the clean, organized home you want.

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